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Share Friday, September 23, 2011

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Have a Web site or blog you really meet the criteria SEO by google? If your blog is SEO as required by google is really good, especially to put your blog or web site at no one in the google search engine. If not you better fix that meet the search engine google SEO. Here I will highlight some of the criteria and how to meet the SEO google search engine. SEO technique is available at seo your web page for google video

In summary there are seven criteria should be on blog or web site so that Google considers your blog or web site meets the criteria SEO

1      T: Title tag

2     M: Meta description and keywords tags

3     H: Header tags: H1, H2, H3

4     I: Image file names and alt tags

5     D: Diverse Keywords

6     R: Relevancy

7     L: reputable links

That's everything you need to know to SEO your page.

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